What is Tandem?
Noun: British; tandem
• A bicycle with seats and pedals for two riders, one behind the other: “Tandem bicycle”.
• A group of two people or machines working together
Did you ever ride a tandem bike? 

Tandem is an award winning branding studio based in Cairo, Egypt. 
We offer full branding and design services. We create intelligent brand strategies, brand identities, printed materials and websites for awesome people who want to create an exceptional identity for their business.

The branding process is like riding a tandem bicycle. If your branding agency is not on your frequency, you’re working against one another. If you get on the same frequency, your efforts multiply. In Tandem, you'll find a companion who will take you on a journey to explore the unique geography of your identity. We will pedal together to cover this uncharted terrain in the most effective route. At times, we may have to pivot and we'll make sure to steer elegantly and seamlessly. Our main goal is to get you where you want to go. And on our bicycle, you'll enjoy the ride.

Our Story

In 2013, husband and wife team Habi and Rina, both accomplished in their separate careers, discovered that what was missing in Cairo was a branding firm with more soul and a personal connection to the work, and thus, Tandem was born.
In joining forces, creating the company, and forming the team, Habi and Rina’s skills complement one another, and Tandem can be more selective about the kinds of jobs it accepts, and can focus more fully on quality work that can stand on its’ own merits.
Our Clients
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